UD Penance

This sprawl of widespread dominions is hardly a nation. The United Duchies of Penance are renowned for their diplomatic prowess, turning away even the likes of the MA Judgement more than once with little more than a smooth word and a written agreement. They are the largest nation on Gijoku (in terms of territory), and as such their lands contain the most sects of Godless on the continent as well.

The gods worshipped in Penance are The Spirit, and The Writ.

They occupy most of the northern reaches of Gijoku, and their territories press down upon the most Easterly and Westerly extremes of CF Palatine. In the south, the lands of Penance take the form of rolling downs, which settle into plains the further north they get, and conclude at the coast with cliffs to the north and long, shallow beaches in the East and West.

Because of its size, when the many Duchies of Penance truly unite, they have the second largest standing army in the world. They have a good number of Gods of War to defend their wide territory.

UD Penance

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