MA Judgement

The Military Accord of Judgement likes to advertise itself as a nation unified in its mission to destroy the Godless tribes. In reality, everyone suspects the truth: that Judgement are only unified in their love of creating conflict. Originally a huge amalgam of warmongering fiefdoms, they united many years ago, shortly after the first protests about the original Charmphones at the turn of the previous century.

The gods worshipped by the various sects of Judgement are The Tower, The Fist, and The Torch.

Geographically, Judgement occupies the Southern coastal regions of the Gijoku continent. Its lands are hilly, and occupy the second largest nationally claimed area of the continent.

Judgement claim to have the largest quantity of Gods of War, which is unsurprising considering the antagonistic tendencies of their gods. If taken as a whole, Judgement has the continent’s largest standing army.

MA Judgement

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