Ego is the world’s most insular nation. A collection of large islands off the Northwest of Gijoku, exploration in the region, and in regions beyond it, has stalled for centuries, as the Egoists defend their bow-shaped archipelago with all the ferocity that Judgement make war. Rumour has it that the islands are only one part of a larger landmass beyond, nicknamed Gentoku

The gods of Ego are a mystery to the rest of the world. The only one known of, by rumour, is The Creator.

The known geographical front of the Islands of Ego is a bow-shaped curve of large islands. While exploration hasn’t gone much further than these islands without being shot down, the only thing that is known about the Gentoku region is that the islands of Ego are mostly mountainous, and that the northern parts are the colder, while the Southern parts are the warmer.

While their population is apparently too small to maintain a standing army comparable to Judgement or Penance, their Airship fleet and their Gods of War are said to be so numerous that not even the whole Gijoku continent could hope to break their defences.


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