CF Palatine

The Cooperative Federation of Palatine. Known as the land of docile gods, by the nickname Trade Federation, or by the initialism CF Palatine, it is the home of the most stable collective of worshippers. Five gods watch over this land, which is a commercial hotspot and a trader’s paradise. Many business persons come here from around the world to convert to The Coin, Palatine’s most revered god.

The gods worshipped in Palatine are The Coin, The Flame, The Forge, The Chariot, and The Lute.

The Federation occupies an almost perfectly central spot on Gijoku. Its lands are mostly flat, with occasional wide valleys and the most rivers per square mile on the continent. It has a limited hold of some central East and West coastal space, where many of the rivers converge into massive estuaries, giving foundation to their famous ancient sea trade roots. The capital of Core occupies the banks of the widest deep-inland river.

Palatine controls the continent’s smallest standing army, and instead relies of private hired security for much of its law enforcement. The nation also has very few Gods of War, with the average being one per major city.

CF Palatine

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