Daria's Long sword

Daria's Final test

weapon (melee)

*Rank: 3
*Range: 0
*Penetrating: 2


Daria’s Long sword.

Daria’s Long sword blade is a composite of folded steel and silver weave. The blade is modeled on the ancient swords of Palatines past, straight and unwavering. it’s adorned with runes, Daria doesn’t know why she used these runes or even what they mean.

The hilt is a simple pewter single hand T-hilt. It has a single jet stone in the base as adornment.

Daria wears the sword as a symbol of pride and rarely removes it from its sheath. It is one of the few items in the world that she would never wish to change or remodel. Save using a whet stone to make it sharper. The sheath is a simple leather holster with three symbols. The Forge, The Anvil School and the third symbol is Daria’s personal symbol

Daria's Long sword

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