Daria Embershard

The Raven haired, quick tempered, technology obsessed mad woman




  • Artisan (3) metal working
  • Mechanic (3) armourer

  • Melee Defense
  • Ranged Defense
  • Combaat techniques (judge machine, hard boiled)
Early Life

Daria was abandoned as an baby on the steps of The Anvil School. She was raised by the masters of the school who gave her the surname Embershard as recognition of her skills as a smith. It wasn’t all plain sailing at the school. Daria was naturally curious about machines and technology atits fundamental level. She was brash and quick to seek out new techniques and metals to work with, which on several occasions got her more than she bargained for. Most prominent of these was when she was 10 she was asked to assist High Smith Drozen in the armoury, it started easily enough. Daria collected the raw materials for Drozen and then watched him craft beautiful artworks, swords, axes, sheilds and the occasional black powder weapon. However the peace was soon to be broken when Drozen left her alone in the armoury. Keen to prove she had learnt something that day, Daria fired up the workshop and began to recreate what her master had previously created. The fires crackled and the metal glistened before it to took on an orange hue. Daria felt at home and in charge, the metal had other ideas as it sparked and cracked under tyhe intense heat and then shattered into a myriad of flaming shards which caught light to the armoury. It took several hours to contain the fire and severalweeks to repair the armoury. It only took a day for Daria to request another go, fro that day she was Embershard.

Teenage years

Several years past and Daria started to develop differntly to the rest of the school which was solidily male. Daria dressed as her male compatriates dressed and acted like they acted. She received unwanted attention a few times from admirers, which she promptly put in their place with a swift punch to the guts. Daria developed a strong friendship at this time with Simon Thurgood a quiet and reclusive boy with a brilliant mind for alloys and military hardware. They spent many a night sneaking into the armoury and the forges to create new and intersting devices. it was, in fact, Simon’s influence that led to the creation of the Guantlet. A device the two share in common. Daria’s Right hand is the twin of Simon’s left. During a training session with Simon, Daria was trying to create a rather complex alloy. Simon recognised the signs of metal fatigue present during the smithing process and pushed Daria aside, just before the alloy exploded. the explosion took a smail section of the forge away as well as simon’s left arm, making his use of his guantlet a requirement. He left the school a few months later and never spoke to Daria again, nor did he forgive her. To this day he harbours a deep resentment towrads her.


“graduation day….finaly” Daria wispered
Daria awoke and sat bolt upright
FUCK” she screamed as the opening ceremony music flooded in through her window.
Trust daria to be late for the only event of her entire school life she couldn’t blow up… well shouldn’t have been able to…

Daria ran down the stairs, dressing as she did. it wasn’t uncommon to see her topless in school as her male comrades were allowed she reasoned she was too. Finally dressed and ready she snuck, albeit badly to her spot in the class. Forgemaster Crazen addressed the class, his speech resonated with truths and fears of the class as well as expectations of the teachers. His words stuck with Daria.

“… Although the flames of the forge are hot, their flicks and embers (looking at Daria) unpredictable, take with you the knowledge that you are students of this school and devotees of The Forge and he will watch over those that tend his hearth. Know that you will always have a home here… providing you get here before Daria”

The crowd burst into rawkous laughter, including Daria. The final test was to create a masterpiece on their own. Daria created her famous longswordm, that she treasures to this day. Daris was the fianl student to be tested. In true Daria style she, as a sign of rejoice, threw her welders mask skywards managing to catch her ether tank and ignite the auditoruim. it is unknown if they have repaired it as she hasnt been back since that day.

Current events

Fateful phone calls don’t you just hate them….

Daria was sat at home tinkering with her latest creation a bike that had the cabilities of an aircraft, she named it the last ride as it had a tendancy to explode. The phone rang, it was a young woman who had been passed Daria’s name by their lead engineer, who was sick. This woman asked Daria, on behalf of Tristen Marks to work a small pop concert. Daria accepted the job and left for the concert immediatedly.

And thats where our journey into the history books begins… May the Forge guide us

Daria Embershard

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