Phone Charms

Phone Charms Episode 1: Kamikaze

The Concert survives a biker attack,, YATTA!

In this episode, we are introduced to four of the five members of the cast of the series:

  • Tamomo ‘Rhaplanca’ Elsia Arciel, the pop starlet whose city-debut concert the cast have all gathered around for varying reasons.
  • Kyle James, a lone rider motorcyclist who has taken on a part time job working security for the concert.
  • Daria Embershard, an young engineer who has somehow landed a substitute position for Rhaplanca’s stage technician, who is currently ill.
  • and Incindia Glacies, owner of the local restaurant ‘Chez Glacies’, who has been hired to arrange the concert ‘after-party’ meal between the staff, star and sponsors.

The concert itself suffers fairly few mishaps until the attack begins (excluding a few lighting problems which end up working in the starlet’s favour). Motorcyclists from a local youth gang have taken particular exception to Kyle moving in on their turf, especially as he was a lone rider.

At the kitchen fire exit, Incindia proves that the knives in her brace are not just for show, nor simply cooking, and fells a biker in one hit (after wasting one of the stock knives from the kitchen on a warning shot).

At the front, after a fire alarm scared half the crowd outside, the bikers attack again, and the engineer, annoyed at the bikers poor maintenance of their vehicles, downs one before the fight begins. Kyle lives up to the reputation that got him a security job, and Rhaplanca proves that she can do more than calm a crowd by holding her own in the fight.

The concert finishes without any more interruptions, and to much applause by a now highly appreciative crowd, and the staff-sponsor-and-star dinner gets under way to toasts for Rhaplanca’s success. After some interesting socialising, the heroes, along with near enough everyone else in the room, catches the sound of an unfamiliar God of War’s tell-tale attunement song…


Gaignen Gaignen

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