Phone Charms

Phone Charms Episode 3: Destruct
The team (and new friend Dave) rescue a mech pilot and travel away from Core

In this session a minor NPC becomes a major ally:

*David Lira, Gunnery Sergeant in the mechanised army and a devotee of The Coin, the soldier who insisted on having the tank escort the group, joins.

In the aftermath of the explosion, the gang gathers volunteers to trek back to the ruined city and look for survivors. They convince Dave – still stationed at the camp entrance in the Puma tank – that it is the millitary duty to protect the people, and they are escorted back. They discover that Incindia’s restaurant is entirely no more – the entire street has been leveled.

They arrive at the building hiding the shelter, and with the volunteers’ help and some time, clear the entrance and figure out how to open the solid concrete door. The survivors are fed by the two volunteer chefs (Incindia and Lumia, who spend the entire time glaring at one another). When the food runs out, Lumia tells the crowd that her restaurant (which had been shielded from the main blast by a skyscraper) is still intact, and that she can still feed them. The rest of the group, following Dave, who is following Daria, head toward the site of the battle between the two Gods of War. Daria wants to look for wreckage of the Fist mech, Dave wants to check on the Coin mech. They find no trace at all of the Fist’s God of War, but after a while of searching, hear the muffled Godsong of Oligopoly.

After a while of digging, the group manage to uncover the chest of the mech, allowing the pilot to escape, dehydrated and overheated from so long buried with limited air. Tristen hires (and pays for the wages of a crew of) an industrial crane through his god, channelling the power of the heavy machinery through himself and lifting the God of War’s shell free from its burial.

A fleet of Palatine airships approaches and touches down in the remnants of the base’s dock, and the group is surrounded. After the pilot tells the military that the group saved him, and Dave corroborates, they are taken in for some questioning about their having seen the attack from the Fist mech, and then asked about their conversations (brief as they were) with it. Daria hands them his sketches of the God of War’s schematics, which impresses them. Though they cannot tell the group not to leave town (what with ‘town’ no longer existing), they decide to send Dave to escort them elsewhere and watch over them for a while – by this point, it is nearly 2am.

Dave drives the group (Recklessly) to the bay city of Balsina, where they rest in one of Tristen’s mansions. After a day of recuperation, the group amass for dinner. The butler, Jeoffrei, tells Tristen (who likes to watch for political change as a harbinger of economic change) that there is prudent news. The group watch a political speech on the news by a MA Judgement official:

…that the God of War in question, Ehrendolch, was recently stolen from the base in Olgard. We do not condone this attack, nor do we claim responsibility for the man who stole the mech. Our forces are as we speak cooperating with the Paletinite military to locate the culprit, but so far no sign of the God of War has been found. We repeat, this is not an act of war by the Military Accord of Judgement against the Cooperative Federation of Paletine…

Phone Charms Episode 2: Godsong
Evacuation just in time!

In this episode the fifth and final member of the cast is introduced, Kyle James makes an exit for the next two episodes:

*Tristen Marks, entrepreneur and businessman, is the COO of the company sponsoring Rhaplanca’s concert.

Also introduced is Incindia’s rival:

Lumia Nox

Kyle makes all due haste away from the sound. His Ether powered motorcycle is heard rushing away from the ever increasing sound. Meanwhile, driven by the urge to understand its construction, Daria rushes off to follow the sound and, grudgingly, Incindia, Tristen and (when she realises that the shelter is in the same direction) Rhaplanca.

Daria eventually stops the mech by calling out to it with a modified car speaker system and Rhaplanca’s signature microphone. After a brief exchange, the group follow it, though Rhaplanca stays near the shelter. When Daria, Tristen and Incindia catch up to the mech (which they conclude is dedicated to The Fist) in a stolen car it asks them directions to the local army base. After Daria tells the pilot, he warns them to stop following or he will be forced to crush them.

Oligopoly, Core’s dedicated God of War, responds to the threat of the Fist mech, and the battle creates a shock wave enough to knock some of the party off their feet.

While the trio are returning, Rhaplanca contacts her god, calling on a major favour (the cost of which is to clothe an entire orphanage worth of children in designer clothes) and creates illusions with her god’s power: dozens of Oligopoly clones are now facing the Fist mech, which doesn’t know which one is worth attacking.

The four regroup just in time for a trio of Puma tanks to roll up and declare that the city is under a forced evacuation order. One of the tanks remains to escort the group out of the city. The group loses the tank in an attempt (at Incindia’s request) to check on her restaurant. The tank, however, is somehow directly in front of Chez Glacies when they arrive. The car disassembles (due to one of Daria’s trademark ‘mystery red buttons’) and the engine – about to explode – is accidentally catapulted into the restaurant. After Incindia’s anger dies down a little (and she retrieves her recipe book), the group agrees to ride the tank to the refugee camp. Upon arrival, they spot Kyle’s motorcycle but cannot see the biker anywhere.

In the camp, the group goes to the refectory tent for some much needed food after their active evening. There, Incindia demonstrates that with the right spices, even oatmeal can be made into a pleasant meal. Unfortunately, her rival, Lumia Nox, somehow managed to bring half her kitchen along to the camp, and waltzes in with a meaty broth which gets all the attention. After a lot of unfavourable looks and snide comments between the two, Incindia proves that Lumia’s broth still needs something, and Lumia leaves in a huff.

Suddenly, the familiar sound of The Fist’s Godsong echoes quietly into the camp, growing in volume. The gang leave their tent to try and spot the incoming God of War, but it doesn’t appear to be coming at all. Once the sound reaches deafening levels, there is a blinding flash on the horizon, and moments later, a dust cloud forming around the epicentre of an explosion – Core. The Godsong falls silent.

Phone Charms Episode 1: Kamikaze
The Concert survives a biker attack,, YATTA!

In this episode, we are introduced to four of the five members of the cast of the series:

  • Tamomo ‘Rhaplanca’ Elsia Arciel, the pop starlet whose city-debut concert the cast have all gathered around for varying reasons.
  • Kyle James, a lone rider motorcyclist who has taken on a part time job working security for the concert.
  • Daria Embershard, an young engineer who has somehow landed a substitute position for Rhaplanca’s stage technician, who is currently ill.
  • and Incindia Glacies, owner of the local restaurant ‘Chez Glacies’, who has been hired to arrange the concert ‘after-party’ meal between the staff, star and sponsors.

The concert itself suffers fairly few mishaps until the attack begins (excluding a few lighting problems which end up working in the starlet’s favour). Motorcyclists from a local youth gang have taken particular exception to Kyle moving in on their turf, especially as he was a lone rider.

At the kitchen fire exit, Incindia proves that the knives in her brace are not just for show, nor simply cooking, and fells a biker in one hit (after wasting one of the stock knives from the kitchen on a warning shot).

At the front, after a fire alarm scared half the crowd outside, the bikers attack again, and the engineer, annoyed at the bikers poor maintenance of their vehicles, downs one before the fight begins. Kyle lives up to the reputation that got him a security job, and Rhaplanca proves that she can do more than calm a crowd by holding her own in the fight.

The concert finishes without any more interruptions, and to much applause by a now highly appreciative crowd, and the staff-sponsor-and-star dinner gets under way to toasts for Rhaplanca’s success. After some interesting socialising, the heroes, along with near enough everyone else in the room, catches the sound of an unfamiliar God of War’s tell-tale attunement song…


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